Onther MINICON-Hybrid for C-HR etc..




Added subcontroller MINICON Advance newly released


Closely associated with fuel adjustment to the engine output and response.
It is controlled by the amount of intake air and the load.
MINICON corrected the signal of the airflow section, realized a more powerful & response oriented set, but I found a way to set the response further.

Airflow flow rate and intake manifold pressure


As mentioned earlier, the air conditioning is greatly related to the amount of air passing through the air flow sensor and the load on the engine.
Measure intake manifold pressure to calculate its load. By correcting the airflow signal with MINICON and further correcting the intake manifold pressure signal, setting with higher degree of freedom became possible. It is MINICON ADVANCED to control the intake manifold pressure signal!

Set the setting to match the setting of 2 types MINICON.


■ S1 (Regular specification)
Mode assuming to use regular gasoline.
Please try first in this mode.
■ S2 (high-octane specification)
Mode assuming to use 100% of high-octane gasoline.
The effect that I felt in mode S1 is the setting that I pulled out even more.
■ N (normal specification)
I will return to normal.

Easy installation of coupler on


The product comes with a one-touch waterproof coupler harness attached.

Although the difficulty differs depending on the vehicle, the Prius 50 series can be installed in 5 to 10 minutes (varies depending on the work skill)

For the Prius 30/40 series, it is necessary to remove the complete air cleaner box, but it is explained in detail with the photograph attached to the installation manual by car model.

It is possible to install as long as screw tightening can be done with a box wrench set!

MINICON Advanced (ミニコン アドバンス)

Contents: harness by body / vehicle type
List price: 13,200 yen (excluding tax)

※ MINICON Advance should be installed simultaneously with MINICON for HYBRID.

The page of MINICON for HYBRID is here

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